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The Company was established on October 19, 2016 under the name PT Sumber Mineral Global Abadi Tbk. The Company’s business activties include, metal and ore trading, sand and nickel trading, cement, lime, sand, stone wholesale trade, solid liquid fuel and gas wholesale trading and products.

PT Sumber Mineral Global Abadi Tbk currently focuses on trading nickel, limstone and coalfor both domestic and export markets. The products we trade are mining products from the best mines that are processed from IUPs in our company collaboration. PT Sumber Mineral Global Abadi Tbk has experience in the mineral business supported by qualified natural resources as well as professional human resources as our step to provide quality and sustainable products. PT Sumber Mineral Global Abadi Tbk works hard to ensure that our operations meet production targets consistenly.

Our Speciality


    Strict quality control is applied throughout the entire process, starting from the selection of nickel, coal, limestone, and silica sand mining sources to ensure quality and specication products are released from our stockpile facilities

  • Raw materials are carefully picked and tested before shipping. The machines are calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy and routine performance evaluations are carried out as well as continuous training to maintain overall and sustainable performance

  • Providing nickel, limestone, silica sand and coal products according to customer needs and requests. We always push ourselves to improve the quality of our products and services in order to meet clients demands.


To become a nickel, coal, limestone, and silica sand trading company that has high integrity and is globally recognized as a leader in growth, efficiency and reputation as well as being environmentally responsible.


Provide quality products from sources that can be trusted with standards and carry out all business processes with integrity and honesty. Synergize with nickel, limestone coal and silica sand producers to ensure consistent long-term ability to meet targets


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"Trusted partner for various MSMEs in the licensed nickel, coal, limestone, and silica sand industries."